Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tan-Lan

1. The New York Times has officially sanctioned it: go out and have fun TODAY!

2. I've walked by the section of Aza where it meets HaRav Herzog a million times over the last few years. How is it possible that I've never before noticed this:

What is it made of? Why is it there? Lots of questions, no answers, and one really fantastic piece of art.

3. Tanni hit double digits! Happy birthday, kiddo!

4. Sefster and I found the BEST present for him ever.

5. ...and for Ema, who didn't have a birthday, but IS a wonderful mother. (Not that exact one, but similar.)

6. Seffi and I continued our tour of J-town restaurants at Caffit, and brought along some special guest stars: Alex, Raffi, and Gabe Cohen.

I took an MLK picture which came out terribly...and I still sort of love it:

7. My post-dinner evening: Krembos and Shoshmosh and skyping with Steve (Mr. Brownstein, Shosh's dad).

1 comment:

  1. Re #5 what I actually received is infinitely nicer - three wonderful views of Yemin Moshe - thanks kids!



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