Monday, January 11, 2010

"No Man is an Island..."

1. Arrived at the airport with time to spare. I don't do that. It was kind of nice.

2. Flight was an hour late...but I still made the shuttle!

3. It appears John Donne is not an owner of Runways Transportation:

4. Behold, the benefits of living in the model unit - upgrades!

I came home to new countertops (gorgeous, right?), new microwave, new dishwasher (so...theoretically...if I knew how to use one...I could use my dishwasher), and new bathroom sinks!

5. There was NOTHING in my kitchen. I made soup from an old yam and an onion. I win.

6. Movie from Netflix in my mailbox. I'm beginning to contemplate the merits of membership...anyone have good movie suggestions to make me reconsider?

7. Asleep way before midnight. That's two victories in one day.

1 comment:

  1. just saw Dan in the Real Life. quality. others that may make you reconsider: American History X, First Wives Club, Elf.



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