Friday, January 22, 2010

A Wedding and Some Editing

1. Way to go, Meryl. Nice shoutout for Partners in Health (the only moment of the Golden Globes I saw, and have now seen approximately 8,000 times - apparently lots of people I know like Partners in Health too).

2. My cousin Ilana got married! In London, so I could not attend. But I can look at pictures, and enjoy seeing just how gorgeous and happy she and Simon looked. For example:
Okay, it's not one of the smiley-est ones. But I like it.

3. Passport to Israel planning meeting. The Birthright alums are planning it entirely themselves!

4. The bookstore down the block from me is having a sale. Well really, it's going out of business, but that doesn't sound as positive. Anyway, I stopped in and bought some excellent birthday cards (among other things).

5. Thank goodness for Israelis (I'm sure everyone has seen this by now. However, I saw it on Tuesday, hence it belongs on Tuesday's list):

6. The least coordinated woman I have ever seen stood in front of me in hip hop today. More power to her for sticking with it, in spite of her total inability to follow the instructions.

7. Got to look over not one but TWO friends' essays tonight. I know, I'm a glutton for punishment. I can't help it.

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