Saturday, January 9, 2010

Peace Out, Holy City

1. Touring the Old City with Yael (and her entire class from Bar Ilan)

2. Let's talk for a minute about Hashgacha Pratit (The Jewish concept of Individual Providence). Today, I went to pick up rugelach from Marizpan in the shuk, only to realize (back at Seffi's room) that I had left them somewhere in the middle of my errands...but tracing my steps to the stand where I bought lunch brought me close enough to downtown to warrant a trip to the camping store for a cheap duffel...where I realized my credit card was missing from my wallet...and jogged my memory enough to head straight to Japanika...where the card had been waiting patiently for me in the locked cash register since I left it there on Monday night. Thank goodness I forgot the Marzipan!

3. Got back from Japanika to see...Greta. She caught an early ride up the Jerusalem. Thanks for the surprise, GB!

4. Together, we went AdAm (and Chana's) wedding. Mazel tov! ...and since I'm taller than 92.3% of Jewish females, I could even see the simcha as it unfolded.

5. Post-chuppah, I met Seffi to walk over to our family friends, Alexis and Charlie. Aren't their sons adorable?

6. ...and then it was off to the 3rd and final stop on our restaurant tour, a (laaaate) dinner at Olive. Yum.

7. Back to Beit Nativ, for a photo shoot and some West Wing with Shosh and Arielle, until my sherut to the airport arrived (at 2 a.m. - thanks for staying up, guys!).

See you in the States!

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