Sunday, January 3, 2010

Johnnie Walker Reads Tehillim

1. The Tayelet, and the googly-eyed faces my students made as they looked out over the entire city for the first time.

2. Taking the students to Yemin Moshe, and sharing a bit of my personal family history.

3. Free lunch. I'm going to miss that Birthright staff badge.

4. All of the "Aha" moments shared in our closure session. Particularly the student who said, "My aha moment was when I bought a chai today. Before this trip, I never would have worn something like that around campus. But now, it's like...I'm proud to be Jewish."

5. Karaoke at our closing banquet! For the record, I am not a good understudy for LeAnn Rimes.

6. Presents from my students. They got me a beautiful siddur and book of tehillim...and my co-staff a bottle of whiskey. Go figure.

7. Happy New Year!

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