Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Will Moving Toward or Away From a Purpose

1. Quick, before the cold snap ends - I have been LOVING this week's weather.

2. When I was home for the weekend between Israel and Gville, my mom offered to send me off with a freezer pack and some kosher cheese. I thought she was nuts. Now I'm just reveling in the expanded dairy section of my fridge. Thanks, Em.

3. Dear Chai Tea,
I love you (especially when it's cold enough in Gville to drink you).

4. Purim planning meeting!

5. Made lunch the night before. I don't know why this has only occurred to me now. Saved so much time in the morning.

6. Watched "The Answer Man" on Netflix (membership to which has taught me that lots and lots of movies get made - with well-known actors - that most of the public never, ever sees). Really good, I highly recommend it. (Today's post title comes from one of its pivotal scenes.)

7. Best quote of the movie (and my day):
"I love kids. They're short, highly emotional people who don't know anything. They rely on their creativity and imagination to get by in the world. A world, I might add, filled with giants. Amazing feat."

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