Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Behind the Eight Ball

1. Dara Leah Wilensky has achieved the ultimate in trivial prowess: completing the "Countries of the World" quiz on sporcle.

(Jeffrey Michael Hast, I know you're jealous. Just admit it.). Dara, I want to be you.

2. Okay, so this didn't happen on Monday, but I gave Friday over to Bous' witty banter, so I'm entitled to cheat. On Friday I had not one but two lovely visits with old friends. In the morning I baked delicious banana-oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies with Avigail Oren, and in the afternoon I crashed Avi and Dena Chaya (Katz) Block's pre-Shab cooking and home improvement party. Miss you both a ton.

3. Hilary Rachel Brown, thanks for showing me this gorgeous look at what our national relationship with food is, and what it should be.

4. At the very beginning of Monday, Matani woke up in the middle of the night. Being there to help him settle back to sleep was worth more to me than anything else in the visit.
Update: it appears Tanni has chicken pox. Even having been vaccinated. Refuah shleimah, kiddo.

5. Arriving back in Gville was such a culture shock. College towns are like no place else on earth. Everything was open and hopping in the middle of the night. Also, shorts in December just don't register in my brain.

6. My apartment was freezing - Thank God. Bundling up almost made me feel like I was back in the Jerz.

5. Turned on my computer to find Thanksgiving pictures from Greta Lynn (who is not Greta Beth - it's complicated). Thanks!

(cousins Billy and Alicia, visiting from Uruguay)

(Uncle Danny, Aunt Vanessa, and Abba loading up on yummy)

(The ganza mishpacha. Ready?
Top row, L to R: Abba, Dan, Aunt Vanessa, Uncle Bruce
Second row: Greta Lynn, Ema, Tanni, Lucie, Aunt Amy
Third row: David, Billy, Alicia, Grandma
Bottom row: Me, Charly, Greta Beth, Uncle Danny
MIA: Yosef Saadya Ripps Kogen)


  1. not impressive - ive beaten that sporcle many a time.

  2. bahhhh i just saw this! beating that quiz was the best moment of my life.



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