Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Lights, New Blogs, and New Definitions of Dinner

1. Remind me to be treated at this hospital, should God forbid the need ever arise:

My favorite is the elderly janitor, hands down. (there are many close seconds).

2. Allison Elizabeth Rose (who was not only a guest blogger last week, but also has 3 first names), has started her very own blog! You can check it out here, as well as on the blogroll to your right. Happy reading!

3. In other friends-who-blog news, you can check out Avigail Oren's musings on twentysomething life here (and on the blogroll, of course). How did I wind up with such witty (and technologically savvy) friends?

4. It's my favorite time of year: The lights are up on College Walk. And I, in all likelihood, will not get to see them.

Whatever. I have something better: Christian frats! Even the supposedly non-sectarian ones really, really like Jesus, and they all have lights. Here's one of my favorites, Delta Tau Delta:
Okay, the truth is that my favorite is Delta Psi's tree, but it's inside their house (I can see it from the street), so I really saw no way to share it with you without being a major creeper and/or risking arrest.

5. Smithsonian has put together a list of 28 must-see places in the world. I've only been to two so far. Who wants to go traveling?? (I'm serious. Really. Anyone who has spoken to me in the past several months know this to be true. I want travel buddy offers in the comments. Multiple, so that I can be picky.)

6. I had for dinner. Grandma and Papa taught me well, though I don't think either one ever intended that I enjoy cereal at a meal other than breakfast. Oh well.

7. Free stuff! I went to Customer Service at Publix to ask for the locations of both the muffin liners and the matches. The woman told me where to find the former, began to describe the latter, and then said, "Well, we offer complimentary matches. Do you still want me to tell you where to find the other ones?" Umm, thanks, but I think I'll still with the complimentary ones. If I learned anything in college, it was never say no to free.


  1. you can get so much free stuff out of publix. my boca days taught me well. for instance, that banana youre eating tastes a little funny...with the right amount of push and nag, publix will give you back your money. or your half eaten box of donuts is stale, no worries just take it back. trust me...try it.

  2. I also love (is that the right word?) the frat lights! I wish aepi would put up some darn Chanukkah decorations.

  3. re: #5: i've been to 10 out of 28, baby. still out to see those elusive 18. apparently my next trip has to be be to see a "Feat of Engineering." I don't have any in those group.



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