Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Count the Rebbes

1. I almost lost my teaspoon measure to the garbage disposal. Then I didn't. (...MLIA?)

2. This was Miriam's gchat status today: "Marty, my guru for today: but there's a point at which being open is different from being overwhelmed. Listen to yourself." Glorious.
For your edification, according to Miriam Marty is, "my housemate from last year/Martha Bruce/VT/Quaker/violin performance grad student/amazing chef and baker/great friend." Sounds good to me.

3. Today, Dana was sitting next to me, checking her email, when she said, "Who's Rabbi Aaron? Why am I invited to his daughter's bat mitzvah?" I thought to myself, Rabbi Aaron? That name rings a bell. Sure enough, I looked over to see that the invitation came from While we still have no idea why she was invited (I think she should totally go!), I did spend the weekend in Rabbi Aaron's house for my cousin David's bar mitzvah - my littlest brother played "Count the Rebbes" on Shabbat afternoon.

4. Urban Thread. (Males, you might want to skip to number 6. You're about to get bored.) I've told lots of people about a magical mystery store in Gainesville, the one that sells catalog and online returns from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, J. Crew, and more at a highly discounted rate. I finally hiked the 2 miles to get there. It was worth the trip.

5. Today I went to the opening of a unique presentation at the Student Union. Each year, the Journalism School offers a course called Florida FlyIns. Students who are accepted to the course are given a particular country, spend the semester researching possible stories about that country, and then FLY there for a week to do interviews and take pictures. One of my student leaders was in the course this semester - she and her cohort went to Brazil. An excerpt from her article was posted at the exhibit:

You can find the full text of her article (and possibly some pictures) here.

6. Tonight the UF Student Senate passed a Resolution Affirming Support for the State of Israel. Why? Unclear, they're a student senate. But as long as it was on the table, I'm glad it passed. Also, there were free t-shirts "designed" (in approximately 12 seconds) by myself and a student, and sponsored by The David Project (thanks, Aviva!).

7. My first Chanukkah present came in the mail! Thanks, Grandma!


  1. I got a shout-out!! Love you/Miss you Happy Chanukah!!!

  2. Funny how the "I Support Israel" shirt is in the exact same design as the Thanksgiving poster for Seffi...



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