Friday, December 18, 2009

My Life with David Ben-Gurion

1. Jersey!

2. Dear Tootsie Roll,
Thank you for this Chanukkah miracle.

3. Dodi's getting married on Sunday! You can read his aufruf speech (as well as his father's and sisters') here. Go ahead, take the five minutes - they're beautiful. (P.S. Hi, Mindels.)

4. Visiting Savta (my paternal grandmother) in Riverdale.

5. Discovering Savta's chocolate mousse contains 10 eggs. After consumption.

6. Hand-me-down jewelry. Thanks, Grandma!

7. Reason #317 why my brother is rad: Dinner with Ralph Goldman
(...this is simultaneously reason #215 why my uncle is the best.)
4:11 PM me: what up gangsta
4:12 PM Sefster: just got home from dinner with gma, uncle danny, and ben gurion's best friend
me: hahahaha
so fun
4:13 PM Sefster: yeah, it was great
me: i want to meet him
Sefster: cool anecdote from dinner:
he wears a watch on either arm and carries a pocket watch
4:14 PM on his right arm is a $5,000 watch that he bought a LONG time ago for $65
but it doesn't work
he says he needs to remember to get it to barak to look at it because fixing watches is a hobby of his
he means ehud barak
4:15 PM on his left hand is a watch that used to belong to his son who was the ambassador to argentina and died in the attack on the embassy
the pocket watch was teddy kollek's
me: do any of them work?
Sefster: his family gave it to him when he died because they were such good friends
his son's and teddy's work
4:16 PM me: that. is. insane.
Sefster: right?
4:17 PM me: yeah
and awesome
Sefster: yeah

8. Reading Tanni to sleep. Primarily because of the awesome books 10-year-olds are into these days.

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  1. wooo od yishama!! dodi will be so excited to know that he got a shoutout on SDR! thanks navs :)



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