Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kol Sasson V'Kol Simcha

1. Consumer Reports, 1984. My father's yellowed and much-loved copy contains the absolute best recipe for pancakes ever invented. I made them for the fam on Sunday morning. Delicious.

2. Raking leaves. I didn't actually partake in this activity, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tanni and my dad (almost as much as I enjoyed being in my natural habitat, a climate in which we have all four seasons, and therefore a reason to rake leaves).

3. Leora and Yoni's wedding! This lovely simcha, which was truly an honor to be a part of, was also included in the very first list of Seven Daily Reasons some 8 weeks ago. (All pics stolen from facebook. Many thanks to all the original photographers!)

4. I spent the bulk of said wedding having a big Mishpachat Havivi party, though I only have pictures with two of the siblings:

(The hair was significantly less of an awkward comb-over pre-dancing. I promise. Noa Havivi is an absurdly beautiful 14 year old. Daniel, you look like an axe murderer. I miss Nachshonim 2009. Phew. That was a lot of information.)

5. The wedding was also an intense shot of catching-up time with a ton of (mainly JTS) people. It was really nice.

6. One old friend in particular gave me the most soul-warming hug imaginable. It was the best feeling of homecoming.

7. Improbably, SDR became dinnertime conversation at my table, where I discovered some additional secret readers (shoutout to Emily Cook - it was SO nice to see you), and continued to get over my mental aversion to saying the words, "Yes, I have a blog."

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