Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Shabbos you really should know, we hate to see you go..."

We're temporarily skipping Friday, as it belongs to a guest post which has yet to come in. So...

1. The Saturday paper at my fingertips. Flipping through the pages of the New York Times Magazine is an entirely differently experience than clicking through screens on a laptop.

2. Going to shul, and not having to lead a thing (in fact, not being able to...home sweet non-egalitarian home).

3. 12,000 elderly congregants wanting to catch up at kiddush = ideal situation for perfecting my elevator speech.

4. Napping on the family room couch. Seffi, you were missed (though the ability to stretch out was very much appreciated).

5. Ema's challah. I know we use the same recipe, but the original is really something special.

6. Miniature chippim hangout. Always a gossip-filled pleasure.

7. Singing Tanni to sleep.


  1. share the gossip-filled pleasure, please

  2. 1. really good tupperware containers
    2. amherst, massachusetts
    3. soy nuts
    4. puffy vests with deep pockets
    5. good mail
    6. actual thrift stores
    7. comfort



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