Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Coffee, Ice Cream, and Drunken Sufganiyot

1. I bought a comforter (and finally used my housewarming giftcard from the Ripps relatives - thank you so much!). Now Kaiser-Blueth guests won't have to freeze so that I can be warm and cozy - we had an incident over Thanksgiving.

2. The era of caffeinated d├ętente was short-lived. Coffeemaker wigged out again, and spat grounds into the pot. I chose to place it back in time-out, and had tea instead.

3. Took Dana out to lunch for her (very belated) birthday.

4. Steiner stole my format. Again. I'm flattered, Shteinsy - you know how much I admire your writing - but could I at least grab a referential link? K, great, thanks.

5. There are no words:

Who is this actor/TV personality? Does this in some way reference a running joke of which I'm unaware?
(Thanks to Alyssa for sending this my way.)

6. Celebrated finished the day's work (at 11 pm) with a trip to Karma Cream. Yum.

7. Speaking of unique sweets...when are these going to make their way to the States? Will someone in the Holyland please save me one for when I arrive?

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  1. I think giving your daughter Gardasil for Chanukah would be a more effective present. Pap smears are probably covered by many insurance companies but Gardasil isn't as widely covered, but will supposedly save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, annually.



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