Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Season's Greetings from the White House!

1. Gave Amy and Jonah a tour of Hillel and campus before they headed out. I'm kind of proud of how much of campus I've mastered over the semester.

2. Package from home! More impressively, I managed to keep myself from opening it until I lit candles.

3. This is hysterical, particularly when you scroll down and watch the covers change. They're literally identical.

4. Jon Berliner is a fan of Tasti-D-Lite. Facebook told me.

5. This is a bit dated, because this post is somewhat old. In case you've been living under a rock, you must watch The Sing-Off. Now.

6. Students coming by to pick up chanukkiot. We had a med student come in who's been on campus for 8 years (undergrad, too), but had never previously been to Hillel. Made my day.
...(Not the never-having-been-to-Hillel part. The part where this year he decided he wanted to.)

7. Read/watched way too much Mark Bittman this evening, and heard this quote from Jamie Oliver:
"If you're going to eat 3 times a day, everyday, until the day you die...why not be good at it? It'll save you money, it'll more than likely make you'll make you happier..."

8. We got a Holiday Greeting from our good friends Barack and Michelle at work today:

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