Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day!

1. A good parody is hard to find.

2. Took its time getting to New Jersey, but the snowpocalypse (good term, Alli) finally arrived. Hooray!

3. Getting to watch UNC on tv, rather than gametracker. Of course, the game itself was painful, but seeing it in real time was great.

4. New computer for Greta. Enjoy!

5. Watching the Penn State women's volleyball team come back from 0-2 to beat Texas in 5 sets and win the national championship...especially on a day when I was feeling less-than-charitable towards Texas athletics.

6. Chanel has a beautiful new post about being satisfied with current situations - very SDRlike material. Also, this paragraph in particular is the definition of my life right now:

"My students are in finals, and I absorb their unhealthy habits. I drink too much coffee, I create projects that demand my attention until outrageous hours. Most of the time, I still think I’m 21, and that comes from hanging out on campus. College students, apparently, are the fountain of youth."

7. Gilah's boys (that'd be the Rutgers football team) beat UCF in the St. Pete Bowl! Can you tell that I spent an alarming portion of yesterday watching televised sports?

8. Mail goggles. I added them to my gmail when they first came out, because I thought they were hysterical. Trouble is, I always forget I have them - until I try to send an email on the weekend. My basic math skills are not where they should be.

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