Friday, December 4, 2009

Trying to See Generations - But They're So Far Away!

Somehow the second half of the week always gets away from me. Ah, well.

1. I have a new reader - and new reassurance that talking about other people online doesn't necessarily freak them out (Phew.). Take a look at what Avraham Nahum Yosef Binder commented on the very first post:
"I like watching Amiad Binder video's too, though the one who loves them more then anything is Amiad himself. He actually requests sometimes to watch specific ones." cute is that?

2. Focus on the Family has helpfully created Stand for Christmas, a guide to how "Christmas friendly" popular gift-purchasing establishments are. Except that by "Christmas friendly," they actually appear to mean "anti-all other stuff." So even more helpfully, Jewschool has picked out choice comments from the site - I think the general rule is, the more Focus on the Family dislikes it, the more I will now spend there.

3. Congregation Agudath Israel in Caldwell, New Jersey (aka my Grandma Julie's shul) is throwing quite the party this March: they're celebrating Nat Taubenfeld's 54th anniversary as shul gabbai. To spread the word, they've created a Facebook group, appropriately titled "We Love Nat."

4. Behold: reason #312 why my brother is the coolest:

Sefster: yo, alick isaacs gchatted me today
me: alick issacs gchatted you??
what did he say?
i'm so jealous
3:51 PM Sefster: ive only been to savtas new apartment twice
3:53 PM me: wait, this is so much less important.
me: the important thing is, what did alick isaacs say??
3:54 PM Sefster: he asked if i was feeling better
me: aww
because you missed his class?
3:55 PM
Sefster: yeah

...and his current facebook status is, "I just gchat with you; it's a special Alick-Seffi thing. Never say I don't love you."
(Ed. note: Alick Isaacs is a professor at Hebrew U, and one of the founders of Shira Chadasha. Many people I know harbor secret obsessions with him.)

5. This video (and the accompanying article) are simply incredible. It's amazing what the human body can accomplish.

6. Had a GREAT evaluative meeting with the student board.

7. ...Which put me in the mood to appreciate this quote, Nahum's other comment:
הרואה לשנה - נוטע חיטה, הרואה לשנים - נוטע עצים, הרואה לדורות - מחנך אנשים
(roughly, "Someone who sees a year ahead - plants wheat, someone who sees several years ahead - plants trees, someone who sees future generations - educates people.")

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