Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to the World, Macc!

1. I need one of these. I will place it on my counter next to the fall leaves, in my growing shrine to places that have four seasons. Under a giant magnifying glass.

2. For the shot of beauty in your day: the 20 most beautiful libraries in the world. Excuse me while I curl up under a table with a huge pile of books.

3. Went to see Avi (one of the Shabbat/Chag chairs) in a fencing tournament. We got there just after he was eliminated (don't worry - he's competing again at the end of January), but stuck around to hear him explain all about the sport. I learned so much.

4. I too would like to start my own principality (princessipality?) based on fuzzy historical logic. Thoughts?

5. Amy (Rebecca Krischer) and Jonah (Shai Newman) came to visit!

(Bananagrams obviously played a role in the visit. Note also the Christmasy flowers. Love it.)

6. Amy, Jonah, and I met Sam Rosenbaum and Sarah Atterman for dinner at The Top, a great restaurant downtown with lots of vegetarian food.

7. The Top's sweet potato fries. They are a thing of beauty. Check back here on Tuesday, when I try to make my own with my brand new mandoline!

8. At the end of a lovely evening, we came back to my apartment to light candles...and Amy and Jonah surprised me with the most adorable present: a toy dog who walks, barks, and wags his tail when you press buttons on his leash.

Trying to set him free...

Taking him on his first walk...

Playing with the pup. We named him Maccabee! (And then Seffi gave him a middle name: Tzurishadai.)

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