Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Week of Thanksgiving, Day 4: My Fair (Lawn) Lady

Back to Friday, which belongs to Ayelet Rachel Boussi. Credits for post title belong to Steiner, who, like Ayelet, lives in apartment 6H as in Hashem.

The Bousser and I share a whopping 44 pictures on Facebook, giving me ample photographic fodder to follow our friendship (But alas, no pictures with Yosef, who I have still met only on Purim, when we both may or may not have been inebriated. That's what I get for moving to Gville.).

(Kiawah 2007, with Mindels and Deens)

(More Kiawah 2007, with Shteins)

(Still more Kiawah '07. We really like photshoots.)

(Midnight Breakfast @ 5F, with the Deenster)

(Kiawah 2008. This picture is kind of irrelevant, but I love it, so it stays.)

This would be the part of the post in which I explain how Bous and I came to know one another, but she does an excellent (and very succinct!) job of doing that herself. I give you, ayeletrb:

I am obviously giving in my assigned post 5 days late..... (looked at the blog today and realized I was that missing Friday post) my sincerest apologies to Navah's fan base and the entire internet community! This is why I do not have a blog.

Now my Navs connection: Fair Lawn, Ramah Nyack, 5F, Yavneh Board 07, Barnard 09, the Maurice M. Pine Free Public Library, Robyn Kotek, long cardigans, Leora Shudofsky, and love of chocolate chip muffins made with applesauce.

Now my seven:

1) Jon Berliner's Sarah Palin love album...and this little gem that one of his friends posted (don't worry, it took me a second to get it too).

2) A patient of mine called me "majestic" yesterday in gratitude for letting him keep a pen. What more positive feedback can I ask for.

3) I saw 2 really good things with Yosef last week:
a-- Oleanna-- a David Mamet play on broadway about a female college student's accusations of sexual harassment by a male professor. Really fresh, interesting, and quite powerful. I highly recommend. It hits you hard and kind of turns things as we might think of them upside down.
b-- A Serious Man-- HILARIOUS Coen Brothers movie. If you have ever met, loved, or been an awkward Jew this is the movie for you. It's also kind of dark and depressing, which makes the hilarious awkwardness all the better.
(Does that count as 2 things?)

4) Viva (aka my cafeteria) makes soup, and it is delicious.

5) Israel has oil, and they finally found it! Booyah. A nice silver lining during a rough time...

6) It's December, which I love. Birthday, Christmas lights, Chanukah, Chanukah cookies, Chanukah gelt, excuse to wear uggs, excuse to eat tons of Viva soup, chance of snow showers, etc. Those might also count as multiple things.

7) Of course the final reason life is sweet.... seeing all the chips last week for book club slash Kiawah Girls Choir reunion! There is nothing like it. And we sound fabulous even outside of South Carolina.

(There's an a bad news moment around 1:40...just ignore it and we'll all be okay)

Yay Navah's blog!


  1. what about 1:50, where my voice suddenly drops out because Eric called to tell me he lost the car keys?

  2. um who thought these photos were appropriate for the mass audiences of the world wide web?

  3. Just a comment about my handshaking affair with Governor Palin:

    I've had more physical contact with her than all of you combined...



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