Sunday, December 6, 2009

Free Israel, Free Music, and Brownie Dilemmas

1. It was the most stressful experience in recent memory, but my extension after staffing Birthright is settled! Hooray!

2. During said insane-o experience, Greta, Sarit, and Mindy all had a hand in keeping me semi-calm. Thanks, ladies.

3. Got a chanukiah and candles from work. Sweet.

4. Continued from Thursday: at the State Radio show, I got free cd - the "Tour Edition" of their newest album, "Let It Go." It appears that the Tour Edition is the same as the regular edition, without the paying part. Also, on the back of the cd it says, "Unauthorized reproduction, copying and rental of this recording is prohibited by law. But do whatever you want." Thanks, guys.

5. Remember hidden tracks on cds (or tapes...or records...)? They were always so exciting to discover. And then iTunes came along, and hidden tracks weren't so hidden anymore. But today I was listening to "Let It Go" while cooking, and was completely shocked when after several minutes of silence, I heard what turned out to be the second-best song of the album. The hidden track lives!

6. Due to the inclement weather, I got to run Shab. It was small, and surprisingly painless. I love my students.

7. I had always thought that receiving the All Edges brownie pan would make my life complete. But now, Woot has presented me with a difficult decision:

All Edges, or Perfect Brownie? For more on the dilemma, click here.

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