Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the Road Again...

1. A full night's sleep. You'd think that would be a given - particularly when I'm not in the 'ville. But my hatred of packing often leads to intense procrastination, culminating in an all-nighter. Sunday night was not one of those nights.

2. Cuddling With Tanni. He always wakes me up to say goodbye before he goes to school. I love that.

3. The cobbler. How often do you take your shoes to a shoemaker to be fixed? I picked mine up on Monday, and it was like a trip backwards in time.

4. New York City in the snow. I know that people think it's gross and grey almost immediately, but I like that uniquely urban second-day-snow look.

5. Car ride with Abba. Too many hours in standstill traffic, and we didn't kill each other.

6. Aside from two students whose flights were canceled altogether, one almost missed the check in cut-off due to lost luggage. You should have heard my sigh of relief when he rounded that corner in the nick of time.

7. Aisle seat!

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