Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Happy Recluse

I left my apartment for a total of 1 hour today, and still managed to find seven reasons. It's always possible, people. I promise.

1. On my way to yoga, I saw a sign posted on a lamppost. It read, "Things will be okay" and had a picture of a panda, with smaller "Things will be okay" tags to rip off and take home. I couldn't take one (or take a picture) because it was Shab, but it still put a smile on my face, to think of someone posting that for no reason other than helping students get through finals.

2. Finally did a shoulder stand. Due to my aforementioned lack of balance, this was actually a big deal.

3. On the one hand, sad times for the gators (they were crushed by Alabama today in the SEC championship, 32-13). I wish I could have been here for a Tebow championship season. On the other hand, I called this loss so long ago - with sound statistical backing. I'm pretty proud of myself. Roll Tide.

4. Oh my. Sesame Street gets frisky with Tyra Banks.

5. While spending too many hours catching up on posts, I had some good ol' Food Network playing in the background. I wasn't really paying attention, but I did hear the Barefoot Contessa tell her viewers to never wash mushrooms, and to instead scrub them with a dry sponge. Mindels, you were right!

6. Aunt Vanessa. She writes to one of her 5 nieces and nephews every Sunday, and last week was my week! I was a very delinquent niece, but not only did I finally write back, I know that she reads the blog only on Sundays, so she'll see her shout-out tomorrow. Hi, Auntie!

7. Microwaves. Growing up we didn't have a microwave in the house, which became a fierce point of pride. Throughout childhood, Israel, and college, I sort of looked down on people who couldn't prepare a meal without using one. And yet...through the miracle of the microwave, I managed to arrange all this dinner in only 5 minutes:
I'm sold. Thanks, radiation!

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  1. ah i'm so behind on SDR that I just read this today!! see i told you, mushrooms absorb water if you wash them. always use a brush to clean mushrooms. thank you, mom, for your culinary expertise



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